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Small Baby Small Autism

April 6, 2015   Small baby small Autism - big baby, AHHHH! I know it's been a while since I posted anything.   A lot have happened since my last post.   Some good, some bad - usual stuff in ASD world, right? Michael turned 8 and matured in many aspects.   He is more sociable at school with his peers (seems like he prefers playing with girls ;) he has a circle of faithful fans in the class). Looking back, I see that he always felt more comfortable around girls/ ladies in general (just like his daddy ha ha).   He has a fantastic new one-to-one whom he loves and respects.  It's amazing how God sends the right people at the right time.     We were very excited to find out that there was "a vacancy" in the class, we wanted Mike to attend.   The only condition that school had was that we'd arrange a "shadow" person, as Michael would be in new school environment, new friends, new teachers etc - many changes in one go, so he needed an assistant to help him cope with this.    We were kinda hoping his previous therapist would be available but she was already committed to work with another child, so we asked for help everyone we knew and found a girl.   We thought yey, she's gonna be great. She was smiling a lot, and seemed like she had a lot of patience... It was like a well awaited piece of good news after my surgery (a month and a half ordeal of potential lymphoma, several biopsies, cutting out the tumor with surrounding lymphnodes and physiotherapy), which almost cost me losing my job but that's another story :) As I was in hospital recovering from my surgery, we received a phone call from Mikey's new assistant that after just one and a half week of working with him she felt too tired and that she didn't realize it would be such a hard work.  So basically she quit leaving us in really poopy position.   I wanted to shred her to pieces and tell her how unprofessional she was, and most of all how she failed Michael... But I just let her go remembering WWJD... Yes, God showed me the way and that He had a different idea for the perfect "shadow".   We had literally a weekend to find a new one-to-one or Michael would be expelled from school for not being fit to participate in all school activities and academic program.   So what did we do?   Yes, when in trouble - look up :)   Guess what, we prayed and sent messages to all therapists and psychologists we knew and respected asking for help in finding the right person to help Michael during school hours.   God is merciful and gives more than we hope and ask for.   We found out that the lady who worked with our boy during Summer school is looking for a job as a one-to-one and would happily continue work with Michael.   Not only did we liked her but we already built trust based relationship with her and other therapists in that Summer camp.   It was a God-sent indeed.   She has a huge heart and true Christian compassion for our son and other children on ASD.  Michael has progressed academically and socially with her assistance so much within only a few months time.  We are blessed in this regard. So what's wrong? Well... Darn wheat and casein, that's what's wrong.  Mike has been to a birthday party of his school friend 3 weeks ago.   We thought 'sure, why not! Let the boy be a boy and have some fun'.    It was a really cool party held in a cookery school.   Kids were making pizzas and baking cookies - mhm... yes, yes full of gluten, sugar and artificial coloring filled icing that Michael had handful of.   He ate some raw flour, dough, baked goods and he crashed.    Ever since that party he's been a different person.    As if he's been in a cloud or in a daze.... Very poor eye contact, actually keeping his eyes closed most of the day, unbelievable tantrums out of nowhere and over nothing, completely losing it! Worst of that is insomnia (now better some thanks to black walnut tincture, calcium and our good ole' friend "Mel" - melatonin).   He's been potty trained when he was 2,5- 3 but this gluten feast inflamed his blood and brain keeping him in a "zombie" state, without any control over his body. So yeah, we've had some sleepless nights, toothaches, headaches, severe indigestion, stomach pains and cramps... I just want my boy back! In my next post, I will explain what a difference a special diet made in Mikey's life during the Summer.   It's no secret that problem is in the gut.   Found out myself by implementing a special menu... Unbelievable!   So stay tuned :)   God bless and goodnight

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